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What’s Instant Money Transfer to You?

Is it having to wait in line? Or are you one of these money movers? Miss Handkerchief; Socks Stasher or the Envelope guy?
Don’t go through all this. PesaLink is the cheapest way to send money anywhere anytime.
Punguza stress. Tuliaaa na PesaLink


The easy way to make payments

Transactions are as easy as 123 on PesaLink

The secure way to make payments

Your transactions are secured end to end on PesaLink

The cheapest way to move your money

PesaLink offers the cheapest transaction costs
What we do

Pesalink transactions are instantaneous

With Pesalink, there is no waiting for transactions to clear. All Pesalink transactions are instantaneous.

  • Secure electronic payments
  • Real-time transactions
  • Available across bank digital platforms
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We Provide Secure and Safe Solutions

Trusted By Over 3 Million Bank Users
We have state of the art encryption that protects all Pesalink transactions


Our range of services

Instant Payment

PesaLink Instant Payment is so far, the most innovative and revolutionary e-payment solution designe...

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PesaLink Business Payments Solution

PesaLink is an instant payment method offered by banks and fintechs for instant payments any time,...

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Government To Person,
Person To Government Payments



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Coming Soon - Person To Merchant Payments

This is a PesaLink solution that is available at the check-out point on ecommerce platforms, to enab...

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Partner Banks On PesaLink

We are your instant payment partner

Pesalink delivers safe, secure and efficient transactions